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Digital Art Basics

4 WEEKS, Progressive

Learn the basics of Digital Art using either Clip Studio Paint Pro or Procreate. We’ll learn by designing art for a simple project from scratch! You can choose the subject matter, and I’ll show you how to set it up and complete it.

Digital drawing setup required (any of the following):

If you need guidance about equipment,  see point#7 on this page.

Should I know how to use any software before I take the class?

No! This class will introduce you to digital art using Clip Studio Paint Pro or Procreate. Please have one or the other installed on your computer or tablet before class starts. Here are links to download them:

I recommend Clip Studio Paint Pro for both desktop and tablet! It's a bit more interface to manage, but if you're serious about production art in the future, there are many advantages to learning it. Clip Studio Paint Pro is used by many production studios (including Bethel)!