Drawing Workshops

Hello! I'll be hosting a series of drawing workshops in 2022. They will focus on fundamental drawing skills that will make you useful to real-world production work. Workshops will last between 4 and 6 weeks, with classes once a week for about an hour. The cost will vary depending on where in the world you live. (You can expect to pay the equivalent of buying a fast food meal for each session.) If you're interested in being notified as to when they will take place, please fill out the information below!
Class is available for students ages 12 and up.
If student is under 18, please use parent or guardian's email address.
Do not put an address, just a city and country so that I know generally what time zone you are in!
This can be a personal website, social media account or online storage folder (Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos album, etc...) that features your artwork.

METHODS of the art D.I.E.T.

Once a week, focus your learning time on one of these four methods.