Drawing Workshops - Coming soon!


I'll be hosting a series of drawing workshops in Feb/March of 2022. They will focus on fundamental drawing skills that will make you useful to real-world production work.

Workshops will last between 4 and 6 weeks, with classes once a week for about an hour. The cost will vary depending on where in the world you live. For each session, you can expect to pay the equivalent of buying a fast food meal in your area. Sessions will consist of groups of between 10 and 20 students, and I will attempt to group students will similar skill levels together.

If you're interested in being notified as to when they will take place, please fill out the information below!

While these classes will be geared toward beginner and intermediate artists, they are specifically designed for people wanting to make a career as an artist. Children as young as 10 or 12 years old who show signs of skillful talent and dedicated, long-term interest in learning to draw would benefit from the workshops. I will likely not be enrolling children younger than 10 unless they were already showing an exceptional skillset for their age in their portfolio pieces.
Do not put an address, just a city and country so that I know generally what time zone you are in!
This can be a personal website, social media account or online storage folder (Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos album, etc...) that features your artwork. See instructions below for details.

Why do I need to add a portfolio website?

This is a requirement for me to see where you're at with your drawing and to verify you are serious about learning! Please upload at least 10-15 drawings (not paintings). Artwork can be:

  • photos of traditional media drawings using pencil/pen and paper
  • digital JPGs using the software of your choice

Remember: these should be drawings, not paintings! If you don't have 10-15 drawings to show, then you have some work to do! You can choose the subject matter, but I'd expect that you've spent at least 15-60 minutes on each one. The more drawings you add the more specific your learning experience will be. And if you feel your drawings aren't good, don't worry about that! This class is to help you improve. Don't be shy, I won't show anyone!

If you work digitally, tell me what software you prefer to use. There is no wrong answer here!
Check all that apply.
Check all that apply.

METHODS of the art D.I.E.T.

Once a week, focus your learning time on one of these four methods.